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QCan I write a check or use a credit card at Festival in the Pines?

AAdmission to the festival and the purchase of food or drink items are available only on a cash basis. 

      However, most of the arts and crafts exhibitors will accept check and/or credit cards with proper         


Q:  Is there an ATM available at the festival?

A:  YES!  An automated teller machine will be available.

Q:  Is there handicapped parking available?

A:  There is ample handicapped-accessible parking.  When driving into Carson Park, display your 

      handicapped parking tag in your vehicle and member of the local Boy Scott Troop will direct you

      to designated parking area near the main entrance gate.

Q:  Do you have wheelchairs available?

A:  We do not have wheelchairs at the festival so it is best to make arrangements before arrival.

       However, Carson Park is handicap accessible.

Q:  If I park at one of the shuttle bus locations, can I drive back into the park to pick up any large items I

      purchase at the festival?

A:  Yes, If you are leaving the park and returning to retrieve a large product, tell a festival ambassador 

       who will be wearing a Festival in the Pines shirt with the festival logo.  The ambassador will alert the 

      Boy Scout Troop of the make and model of your vehicle so you can proceed into the park to pick up

      your merchandise.

Q:  Can I bring my pet to the festival?

A:  We have updated our policy to allow pets this year. We require them to be on a leash, and request you

       place any waste in provided receptacles.

Q:  If I park at the Roadside Ice Cream & Diner and walk to park, can I take the shuttle bus back to my


A:  Yes.  But, remember to tell the bus driver that is where you wish to be dropped off. Otherwise, you may

       end up at one of the other pick-up/drop-off locations.

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