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The Sue Orfield Band writes and plays songs that resonate with blues, funk, rock, and countrified world-beat sounds.  Their music grooves with high energy and unexpected improvisations, while their compelling melodies will move you, amuse you, and even touch you.  SOB (as they call themselves) plays primarily instrumental music, but occasionally peppers in the haunting vocals of Randy Sinz and Dave Schrader. 

The band is:  Sue Orfield (tenor saxophone), Mike Schlenker (guitar), Randy Sinz (bass + vocals), and Dave Schrader (drums + vocals).

Main Stage
Saturday, August 28th, 2021
1PM - 4PM

They have three CDs, entitled "Now Let Us Sing" and "BONK!" as well as "Fight The Good Fight", A brand spanking new release!  This new album brings you a nice mix of musical styles,  with joyful cartoon music, hard groovin' blues and with the title track, a somber yet hopeful prayer for victims of cancer.  In addition to the long time members of the Sue Orfield Band (Sue, Mike, Randy and Dave), Fight The Good Fight features The SOB Horns (Jayson Collins, Jeff Reitz, Barry Hitt and Tom Carlson) and keyboardist Mike Vlahakis.

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